Camping at Al Aqah Beach , Fujairah .


After our first camping experience at Bassa Beach , Oman as mentioned in my previous blog , we decided to give it a go again .This time we opted for Fujairah , a location within UAE.  We are those people whose idea of vacation is finding solitude but now with the added responsibility of our toddler , I make sure that we remain within safe limits which at this time came with a cost . We had to compromise on the location which was a crowded one as per our standards.


Fujairah is one the big tourist attracting places in UAE with numerous chains of hotels and resorts which has made practically near to impossible for campers in search of a quite night. There is a single camping site for families and for the bachelors. The family was massively over crowded with large tents . At first i thought that there were some wedding going on at the beach side by looking at the generators, fancy lights and decorations. Secondly , it was over littered. The municipality has provided litter bins at various locations but still the litter was floating around everywhere. We immediately decided that this place was too unhygienic and noisy for us .

We then searched the area around and found another camping site near Le Meridian Resorts known as Al Aqah Beach . This beach was for bachelors but there were few families as well . It was much cleaner and the camps were a little bit further from each other that everyone can enjoy their privacy.  The practical , campers looking camps also generated an atmosphere of a proper camping site. So we parked our car , took out our luggage and nailed the burners .

I used  long exposure time to minimize too many city lights and to create a flow:

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Night sky was beautiful and when we turned our backs to the city behind and just looked at the sea , it was the same feeling of solitude.

Day and night views with our chairs : I am sure we all can guess which one belongs to whom 🙂

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Unlike Bassa Beach, the night that we spent here was mostly spent awake. Yes, we could not sleep a single second as there were Quad bikers invading us from everywhere . My son got very scared and started crying because of continuous  rumbling of the engines and they were too rude to drive past our camp barely inches away. My husband first asked them politely . Telling them to kindly drive away from the camp in the long stretch of sand behind but despite of that , the teasing increased. Too scared of all that, I dialed police for help. I still regret why I phoned them. First of all, there were atleast four people who switched the phone from one another to ask in detail what happened and then said ” No English ”. The last one was smart enough to say ” Come here ”.

At that moment, with a crying child, frustrated husband and my own thumping heart, I really felt helpless and angry. I got my first lesson of unfair treatment by the police here . Fujairah police does not understand english and wasted half an hour of my call just to tell me ” No English ” ?? I wonder what the western expats do here in case of emergency . Its not my fault that i dont speak Arabic but i cannot understand how the police can help anyone who doesnt speak Arabic ? is this fair policy ?




Anyhow ,we waited till dawn . My plan was to take some shots of the starry sky but because of the bikers who were hiding their faces , i was unable to even stand outside our camp . So on my husband’s instructions i chose to stay in as there was a possibility that my action would have attracted more of their unwanted attraction.


However, when the sun rose, we forgave every one and everything . We enjoyed the sun, sand and sea and later went for sight seeing . I guess , we may not want to camp there again .


Camping in Mussandam Khasab, Oman

Spending the night under a starry sky has always been one of the standards of romance. Here in UAE though there are many desginated camping sites according to an individual preference but we opted to go a little bit further. We opted for Mussandam as our first ever experience to spend the night under starry sky.. Here is the view of the Bassa Beach in Khasab just when the sun was about to rise…


The route to this camping site from Oman post is full of adventure and breath taking beauty. Its a 65 km long Khasab Coastal road with plenty of jaw dropping , heart throbbing bends both in ascending and descending manners that is certainly there to give you one of the best driving experiences provided that you are satisfied on the performance of your vehicle and your own driving skills.

When we reached Oman border post it was past supper .. I drove on that road and all i could see was mountain ranges on my right hand and pitch black darkness on the left with numerous boards of land sliding at every few meters. At that time I was only enjoying with my steering control skills. But then in the morning , we decided to drive back and we were utterly astonished to see the beautiful coast line with  blue sea, white beaches , small , medium and large vessels .Believe you me ,  we loved it so much that we drove thrice on the road alone ! only this time my husband was behind the wheels as i was enjoying my other interest i.e capturing the beauty. I could only make a video with my phone as it was not possible to take pictures on a sharply twisting roads however i did whenever i can and the pictures are shared below .

Children’s playing area at Bassa Beach.


The residence of local fishermen




Changing trends…



I use Face Book very frequently. There is nothing special about it as every one of us usually do this besides twitter, whatsapp , viber e.t.c. Its a life away from life. its a solution to our loneliness, despair and frustrations. its a point of exchange of ideas, products, knowledge and everything you know and everything you are ! 

We as humans often fail to realize what we are giving back to the world. Each of us is so occupied in completing his daily cycle of work, sleep, eat , kids , studies that the element of inner soul , soulful life has gone out of window. And in all that chaos, many of us lost themselves. Lost being humans; lost being closer to earth; lost to breathe ; lost to harmonize . Then suddenly, one day , something shake your senses and you realize that its too late . I was shaken again when I noticed something couple of days back on Face book . It was the language used by our teenagers in their daily language . I was appalled by a conversation that you get access to read on your friend’s comments window . the language was abusive , foul and disrespectful. The pictures of ” friends ” and ” classmates” were objectionable. 

I recalled my times when I was myself a student. Went to co-ed school and then to university and then worked with of course males colleagues. NEVER and i repeat NEVER in my whole life I have ever used or seen any such behavior in any institution or private life. I cannot recall a single of my acquaintances having such issues . Then why young adults  in the age group of 15 – 25 years have this habit ? 

Who to blame here ? Bollywood culture ? Hollywood culture ? I think NONE of them ! In my opinion its our own homes that are producing such masses of adults who have lost all ethics in trying to be ” Normal ” . We as parents are solely responsible for raising such bizarre minds and soul. Its a social storm and bigger and more devastating than any natural calamity. We are loosing our young generation. We are producing such individuals who may be far more smarter than us but they lack soul, insight and morals. When i look at the pictures of friends hanging out together In Pakistan , i cannot recognize if we they are Muslims or not. Change of appearances have changed the minds.People like me who cannot help but to point out about such moral and social derogations are asked not to interfere in ” friends and friendship matters” .








Our own society is going through a time when its hard to make ends meet by the parents and their only focus of life is live through the day . In such circumstances, family life, family time to teach children ways of spending life doesnt happen. But this is no excuse. Our children are our biggest test from Allah SWT. Whatever good or bad they do , we as parents are mainly  responsible for it as they learnt it from us  what they watched us doing and what they watched us allowing them to do .

It is understood from verses 33-37 of the Chapter Al-i-Imran and verse 28 of Chapter  Maryam that man’s development and perfection depend upon the following four factors. 
1. A believing father 
2. A believing mother 
3. A good and sympathetic teacher 
4. Lawfully obtained food.

So where do we stand here ? Alhumdulillah and May Allah SWT bless my parents for this that they first set the examples themselves for true believers, My earliest childhood memories were of my parents discussions on Islam and its practice in our daily lives. They did it while doing their daily chores and just like a routine conversation.Then they both worked immensely hard to make sure that each bite that goes into our mouth was halal food obtained from halal resources and kept repeating even till date the hadith that one haram bite ruins everything. I qoute a Hadith here :

On the authority of Abu ‘Abdullah al-Nu’man bin Bashir (ra) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah(sas) say:

“The halal is clear and the haram is clear, and between them are matters unclear that are unknown to most people. Whoever is wary of these unclear matters has absolved his religion and honor. And whoever indulges in them has indulged in the haram. It is like a shepherd who herds his sheep too close to preserved sanctuary, and they will eventually graze in it. Every king has a sanctuary, and the sanctuary of Allah is what He has made haram. There lies within the body a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the whole body is sound; and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Verily this piece is the heart.”

[Bukhari & Muslim]


The Prophet says in another hadith,

”A person’s iman will not be upright until their heart is upright and strong. The heart will not be upright and strong until the tongue is upright and strong.”


Then they chose to send us siblings in such a school whose motto was to make you a good Muslim first then a good citizen. There were hundreds of kids in the school but we were one of the most respected and loved students of our teachers because our parents and our teachers were always on the same page. Standing together at every step of our character building. Now i truely understand why my parents put the whole world aside for us . why they limited their own social gatherings and means of relaxation as they would interfere with our studies schedule. Why our school projects , competitions , every minor and major class test was their only life outside their own work. Now i know it . Now i see the difference. I am so so very much grateful to them to cross every boundary to save us from harsh society and to sculpture our personalities in such a different way. May Allah SWT bless both of them and give them a healthy and happy long life together ameen … sumameen .. And this is I believe the solution to the problem of rude behavior and abusive language in our generation.. Iman in our hearts can only be transferred to our children by means of Halal way of life . 



The Lamp Post

IMG_0115_edited-1 this is basically the smoking area but i love the hutsIMG_0207_edited-1IMG_0149_edited-2

It was a lazy weekend in the mid of the month when we decided that perhaps we should have some fun with the camera around our residence premises. At about 4 o’ clock in the afternoon , we set off for a stroll in the weather which is considered as pleasant by the local Emiratis though for us , it  was still hot and humid.

Having nothing else on our minds but just to collect memorabilia of Tawam Residence ,  I took more than 200 pictures of every nook and corner we could walk up to. Here it is important to mention that still we were unable to cover the whole hospital as it was the only short time between Asar and Maghrib prayers and it takes time to see, think and compose a shot (hehehehe) . When we reached back home and I  started editing and uploading the pictures to share with family , there was a sudden realization to me . I noticed that most of the pictures had a lamp Post visible in it . What? A Lamp Post ?  Does that mean I have a natural love for Lamp Post ? Oh I don’t think so . But I guess its mainly because we spent a good amount of time of our lives in London and Lamp Posts are a very prominent part of European Architecture. Nevertheless, I never took any notice of lamp Posts back in London where they were present  in ample amounts on various places and in their full glory.Whether it was Piccadilly Circus or a Government office in  East London , the Brits knows very well how to inculcate the seeds of their culture and history in everyone slowly yet effectively.

Anyways, whatever may be the reason, it is quite evident that I am in love with Lamp Post these days.. Whether its short lived or a long term , only time can tell .

Till then , Cheers !


Sports refer to all forms of physical activity that promotes a healthy competition and also provides entertainment to the participants. The association of all the largest sports federations describes sports in the following way:

A sport should have an element of competition, not cause any harm to any living creature, not depend upon a sole supplier (excluding arena football), and not rely on any “luck” element specially designed in.


They also recognized that sports could be:


        i.            Physical for e.g. rugby or athletics

        ii.            Intellectual or involving mental abilities for e.g. chess or go

        iii.            Motorized for e.g. Formula 1 or power boating

        iv.            Co-ordination for e.g. billiard sports

         v.            Animal supported for e.g. equestrian


Digging back into the history of sports, it has been observed that the ancient Chinese participated in different forms of games as early as 2000BC.Gymnastics was a very famous sport there. Egyptians were also very active in sports like swimming, fishing, javelin throwing, high jump and wrestling. Polo, jousting and martial arts originated from Persia.


The famous Olympic Games were invented by Greece. It was held in a small village in Olympia. Only amateurs were allowed to play the games as the professionals were thought to have an unfair advantage. However, times are changed now. Only boxing and wrestling are played as on amateur levels and rest of all have professional level players.


Some suggested different criteria for sports which are as under:














The addition or combination of the results of individuals gives the final “team” result.

For e.g. relays and synchronized swimming.




A quantitative sport is the one in which the result depends upon calculable quantity. Scoring can be done by humans and the final winner is decided based upon the gained scores. Whereas in qualitative sport, such as mountain climbing, cave diving and sailing around the globe, the decision is based upon exceptional achievement.





In relative sports such as boxing, the judges adjust the marks depending upon the rivals. Running events are absolute sports.




There is the difference of using artificial intelligence to judge. For e.g. athletic dancing cannot be judged by artificial intelligence but with an artistic brain.




Is the athlete is the one providing the energy  e.g. darts or is it generated by other like car, horse and target shooting.




Running is a sport in which involves physiology more than precision. Whereas, archery and bowling could be easily labeled as those requiring precision more than physiology.




This criterion depends upon the attitude of the individual that whether he /she wants to take that sport as merely a leisure activity or wishes to take it to competition level.  By this, I do not mean to say that leisure sports are easy and less physically demanding.


There could be other possibilities as well to define sports however; every game should be played with fairness. The participants should retain the sense of healthy competition throughout the game and must show sportsman spirit, avoid cheating in any form, stay away from violence and steer clear of illegal drugs to increase their performance.


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

__ Michael Jordan.


 Benjamin Franklin said “If you can’t pay for a thing, don’t buy it. If you can’t get paid for it, don’t sell it. Do this, and you will have calm and drowsy nights, with all of the good business you have now and none of the bad. If you have time, don’t wait for time”.

Trading online can be both fun and a head ache. There are few basic differences between a brick and mortar (B&M) and online selling and buying which I will try to explain in the following:


  • As a customer, you have the flexibility of more choices and comparison of prices all on your screen.
  • Saves time to actually travel to the shop and saves your fuel costs.
  • You can order anything from any part of the world.
  • Discount coupons works more efficiently online as compared to physically taking the coupon and waiting to get the amount debited to your account.
  • No queuing.
  • Shopping is often difficult with toddlers. You can easily get distracted. Online shopping gives you the opportunity to shop with a peace of mind, at your own pace, with a good look around on other websites.
  • Grocery shopping is another benefitted area. If it’s bad weather outside or you may not want to carry your heavy bags from the shop to your and then from your car to your home or you are travelling and may not want to carry large bags of groceries with you, you can simply order online and your items would be delivered to your doorstep.
  • You can allow your kids to use your credit card while you could be watching your favourite show without having you taking your kids to the shop for authorization.
  • You can easily select gifts, get them packed and posted from your behalf without you doing everything!
  • All this looks nice, only if your internet connection is running smooth. Slow internet makes shopping online more boring.
  • There are high chances of the online sites to be unable to function properly than a store itself to close down.
  • You definitely need to be able to use online money. You can’t pay cash while purchasing an online item.
  • Billing errors are not so infrequent.
  • You cannot have the feel of the product for e.g. the texture of the dress, the correct size for your shoulder bag, the feel of the high heels themselves.
  • Some online stores have a bizarre returns policy which makes returning an item a hell lot difficult.
  • With online shopping you don’t get the human dealing factor. It’s all machines!
  • High shipping and postage could actually cost you an item more than if you bought it from a store.
  • Your credit card might get insecure access.




  • Virtually, you can sell anything online. There are no charges or fee for it.
  • Good pictures, comprehensive listing for the items, delivering the merchandize quickly are the requirements of world ‘s reputed
  • Don’t jump for big. If you are a new seller, its best for you to begin on a small scale with low –cost items and do mention the least price you are willing to accept.
  • Be honest about your merchandize. If there is any fault in your product, please mention it clearly. Customers like honest sellers and it will build your reputation.
  • Be careful with the scammers. They might send you an email imitating a customer and ask for your bank details. Reputed selling websites have dedicated staff to check for that.
  • The availability of online access anytime of the day, sellers have a better chance to sell the product i.e. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Your product could be seen online by the customers in any part of the world.
  • Sellers do not need to own a commercial place to keep their products. They can do their business from home which might interfere the work and family time balance.
  • The downside is that since customers are not physically present, this might be a little disturbing.
  • No fixed hours of working
  • You need to assure that your site is up and running all the time.


Hence, the above mentioned points may lead you to think that Okay so if I need to start selling online, I have got two options. Either to sell on established websites like, or to have my own website. The advantages and disadvantages of having your own website are as under:

  • There is no fee
  • You can personally interact with your customers
  • You can design all the framework applications as per your interest.
  • You have to work long hours
  • You will need to attract your viewers to view your website continuously.
  • You cannot immediately start selling your product i.e. you need to built your site, then do its marketing etc.

Whether you are choosing online selling as your second job or your main source of income, it is imperative that you know your product inside out. Do good research about what you are going to sell? Who is going to buy it? And then start low aiming to gradually build you up.

If you decide to go for online market places like and , although they are fast, very easy to use and can immediately merchandize your products to hundreds and thousands of potential customers, they still have their disadvantages. For e.g., they might have high listing fee or they might have some rigid policies, very high competition among the sellers etc.

To conclude, buying and selling online has both advantages and disadvantages. We are humans and our priorities , likings and dislikings change throughout our lives. Online trading has actually open more commodities for both consumers and the sellers. So with a watchful eye, we can reap its maximum benefits whenever and however we like.

Web Hostings and Domains…

In order to understand the relationship between Web Hosting and Domains, we need to understand them individually first. Let’s start from the Domains. They are the binary codes that people see in a translated version to visit your website in a “.com” form instead of 123.456.789.123/mybusiness/ instead of “”. Having a domain name simply means putting your number in a telephone directory where people can look up your name and give you a ring. In this case, the computer.
Web hosting refers to an empty room that you occupy before starting your business. This rented space will inhabit your site files by placing them on different furniture as of in framework applications. Without it, your domain name would remain disconnected from the rest of the world. The site files are the products and services that your business offers which you would not able to make visible to the visitors. So in summary, the visitor types or click on to your domain name which is then translated to Internet Protocol addresses by the computer and then the webhost sends the visitor to your site files i.e. your products and services on your web page. Hence in order to have a website, you need to have all three of them!
The scale of web hosting services is vast. Web page hosting and small file hosting are the most fundamental services in which files are uploaded via File Transfer Protocol or FTP. This service is usually free of charge by many Internet Service Providers ISP. Business website hosting services are at a higher expense as compared to personal website hosting which is free, sponsored by advertisements or at a nominal cost.


1. FREE WEB HOSTING SERVICE: offer limited services as compared to paid ones; could sometimes be supported by advertisements.
2. SHARED WEB HOSTING SERVICE: this is the type of web hosting where a website is placed on a server with hundreds and thousands of other websites. Again the features provided are limited and pretty basic
3. RESELLER WEB HOSTING SERVICE: converts clients in to web hosts themselves.
4. VIRTUAL DEDICATED SERVER: divides server resource into virtual server. It is also called Virtual Private Server or VPS.
5. DEDICATED HOSTING SERVICE: the user has full controls of his server however, he doesn’t own the server. Maintenance and security of the server is client’s own responsibility.
6. MANAGED HOSTING SERVICE: the user does get his own server but he doesn’t get full controls like dedicated hosting service. The server gets this type of service on lease basis. Since the user is not allowed full controls of configuration, the provider assures quality of service.
7. COLOCATION WEB HOSTING SERVICE: it is the most expensive type of web hosting service. The user owns the colo server and the provider provides space, maintenance, internet and power.
8. CLOUD HOSTING: relatively new type consisting of clustered load- balanced servers and utility bills.
9. CLUSTERED HOSTING: have multiple servers with same content.
10. GRID HOSTING: the server consists of multiple nodes and acts as a grid.

Domain names system or DNS forms the rules and procedures of the domain names. The domain name registrars manage the registration of the domain names. DNS hierarchy can be explained in levels; top-level, second-level and third –level and their selling is dealt by domain name registrars. Purchasing a domain name makes you a domain owner giving you the exclusive not the legal right to use the domain. In 2010, the number of active domains hit a massive 196million. Top, second and third level domains are described below:
Includes generic TLDs or gTLDS i.e. com, info, net, org

Country code top-level domains:
ccTLDs were first registered in 1985 such as .uk,.il,.us. .au, .de, .fi, .fr, .jp, .kr, .nl and .se were registered in the following year of 1986.

They were assigned by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority since 2010 as Internationalized country codes comprising of local language characters when displayed on the visitor’s computer.

It refers to the organization or the business name that registered to the domain name registrar. For example,; mybusiness is the second level domain of the .comTLD
Since July 10th, 2010, anyone can register a .co domain. Some examples of second level domains are Twitter (,AngelList(,ENTER(,500 Startups(,Aspen Group( Google Inc( Some companies likes Star Bucks and American Express are using .co to shorten up the URL by the use of ( and ( respectively.

They resemble very much to the IANA .com/ .net/ .org/ .gov/.mil/ .edu with an addition of an identical national .name and they indicate to a locally pertinent business, organizations, academic institutions and government.
Some examples are as under:
•network infrastructure
•private person


Internet Marketing

Nearly 2 billion people of the world use internet on daily basis. They just cannot function without internet. If I look into my own life, I would go point blank if there is no internet. It would simply mean that I would be disconnected from work, family, friends and God knows who! I am pretty sure that many of the readers would agree to my proposed fright. It’s a fact that in this day and age, life without internet is nothing. Our lives revolve around connecting with people and sharing information.
The idea of sharing information just not remains constrained within the circle of your family and friends. The internet junkies like myself happens to occur all around the globe. And if this sharing of information which we can now easily call as online-marketing, e-marketing, i-marketing or Web-marketing, starts filling our pockets then Whola!!!
Even gone are the days when you have to be a Microsoft Engineer with some lavishing software degree in hand to put your feet in this world. There is a place for everyone. All you have got to do is a computer with internet, a comfy chair and big mug of your favourite coffee. That’s it really! Because for the rest we are here to give you some expert tips:
TIP No. 1: Determine your strengths:
You have got to sit down and ask yourself honestly this question. What is one thing that you really love to do and you know very well about?
Next, practically think about converting your best loved object into a money making opportunity. In this you will have to justify yourself that there is a potential business opportunity. Furthermore it is crucially important that you know your product/brand /services thoroughly. It is not only easier to describe something that you yourself love and know everything about but it also makes working for that cause less like a work and more fun.
TIP No.2: Make yourself visible:
Being searchable is not enough. You have got to be the first one people look at. It is commonly seen that businesses appearing on the top most of the list have a better success rate than appearing on subsequent pages. Similarly, certain words or phrases work best for a website to become visible on search. All this and more are dealt by Search Engine Optimizers or SEO. Websites do seek help from SEO services in order to increase their visibility and at a better position i.e. top of the list.
TIP No. 3: Be Active on Social Media:
Whether its Face book, twitter, pin it, Google plus, iTunes, tumblr or anyone, if you don’t do networking you are nowhere but slow. It’s crucially important for your income that your marketing strategy is focused and targeted. Being marketed on social media sites like these, you guarantee yourself a large chunk of potential buyers. Look for such discussion groups that relate with your business and take active participation in them. This would help your potential customers to get first hand information regarding your business.
Tip No. 4: Satisfy your customers
We all want our earnings to keep coming and rising. A satisfied customer whether physically dealt or online contacted is the most promising way of increasing your business. Always handle each and every customer with utmost care as the positive feedback generated by individuals spreads quicker than anything. Make sure you are able to meet all the requirements of your customer and even if you couldn’t the customer should always return happy from your site.
Tip No. 5: Be up-to-date
No matter how beautiful your website may be, if it’s not pertinent people would lose interest. If you are promoting a sale in relation to a specific event, make sure that it’s done on time.
Tip No. 6: Staying connected
Maintain the list of email addresses of your website visitors and then continue sending them information regarding promotions and any updates regarding the business you are marketing. You can send them special discount vouchers, reminders for closing of sale or it could just be regarding how well your website is spoken about in social media.
Tip No. 7: Break the language barrier.
With an outstanding 329 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most fluently spoken language in US alone. So if you want to increase your horizons, translate your website into Spanish, French, Arabic or Chinese languages to increase the chances of meeting your target audience.

A Single Accident…..

“There are no nations! There is only humanity. And if we don’t come to understand
that right soon, there will be no nations, because there will be no humanity.”

Isaac Asimov

Just when I was going through my old favourity book of Quotes , I suddenly hit to this qoute and felt its meaning in the real sense. Couple of days back , me and Zuhairuddin were out with my Anni and her two beautifull daughters. We were returning home after visiting a relative , something happened that was never expected … Anni’s youngest daughter Jaziba was driving the car and we were all chatting about everything under the sun. Zuhairuddin was in Anni Nanni’s lap while me and cousin Maria , eldest of Anni’s  three lovely daughters were on the back seats enjoying the drive. What happened next was not a beautiful sight but reminded me of  many things.


As we reached near the Jama masjid of Yaseen Abad, we saw a mob . Everyone in the mob was giving chaotic directions to the traffic . It was an accident site. We saw two ladies sitting in the middle of the road among all men . One of them was nearly subconcious and the other  one was squeezing her tightly to her chest as was trying to protect her from some danger.

Luckily, Anni’s all three daughters are trained in Paramedics so We immediately decided to pull over and help the victims. Jaziba parked the car in a corner leaving Zuhairuddin and Anni in it while the rest of the three of us rushed to the victims. We steered into the mob and made some breathing space for them . there were more who were injured. Apparantly, two adult ladies and a 12 year old girl were on a bike with their father /wife / brother-in-law when something happened .  Maria handed over tissue papers to clean the girl’s face , which was bleeding. The man was also injured but was able to help. However the lady on the ground looked in a bad shape.


there was very little light and the presence of curious standees blinded us all .. I shouted loudly and asked everyone to move back and let the victim breath. To my surprise , all men moved back. simultaneously I asked them to call ambulance. I forgot my mobile in the car by chance. to my surprise, several people took out their mobiles and started asking what’s the number?  “Dial 1020 or 115 ” I replied , wasnt sure myself about the second number. Somebody dialed and gave the phone to me. I told them the location .Then i freed the subconcious lady from the other and asked them to calm down as she was panicking. I asked the people , please lit your mobile flash lights if you have any to let me see if somebody is bleeding . They did as told . I was surprised again. Since the victim was breathing normally and her circulation was intact , my whole concern was to stabilize her spine. A tall strong looking man came forward and said , move her to corner. I strongly forbad him  and explained everyone in a loud voice that we dont know if she has broken her neck, back or legs so best is to make a boundary wall with all the standing bikes so that traffic can run and wait for ambulance. He did as he was told. I was surprised again. Within 15 minutes of the casualty, there were two ambulances who reached to the site of accident and took the casualties away. I also helped the woman to be put on the stretcher as she was a Muhajjaba ( in Hijab and Jilbab) and i didnt want non mehrams to touch her as far as i can . I also heard someone shouting from behind, “do they have enough money?” but before anyone could answer that, the efficient ambulance service took the whole family to the hospital.


As we reached back to the car, I was speechless and my mind was chaotic. All  of my first aid training for different jobs, my CPR trainings and my horrifying trauma calls in London hospitals rushed through my spine in a flash of seconds . Then, it reminded me that a doctor is a doctor and he or she cannot retire in any part of his life no matter what the circumstances are. I had decided that i cannot bear  trauma sites any longer but i just went through one and it was a success. I was able to control the mob as well as the victims.  it was a personal experience to me but it turned into a national experience.

Everyone stopped to help . Regardless of race, sex, color or political beliefs. They ALL respected humanity. They all gave their share to help. They all listened when somebody gave them instructions . It clearly shows that our nation  still cares, still loves humans as humans , still helps for the sake of humanity , still offers help where they can and in any way they can. So Pakistan is not bad . Pakistanis arent bad. They are the best nation. They didnt wait like in UK , where they wait for the ambulance to arrive itself so that they dont have to be part of Police investigations. Our people still fear God when lives are at stake .

Its been several days since the accident and I didnt write anything. I was just , not able to push these memories and thoughts out of my mind. The more I think about it , the more i hate the corrupt politicians who convince this nation to act wrongly . We only need such an accident , a single accident to clean up all the black sheep in just one sweep . I am a Pakistani and I am proud to be one !


For the love of horses …

It all began when i was young .. very very young… I dont exactly remember when i was introduced to a horse but i do remember horse-riding with very little or none assistance at the tender age of 7. Yes! At 7 I was fully accustomed with the manners of handling an adult horse. The reasons why I was sensitized with a hot blooded horse at a very young age summoned to just one. My parents told me that its in my blood. Having been born as a Taimuri  blue blood , the ladies of our family , were taught horse back riding, archery and sword fighting as a family customs in not so long ago past. Both of my grandmothers were taught these skills when young while it was the times of “palkis” and victorias. Nevertheless, as a teenager and young adult , i was known as the avent lover of mangoes and horses. My mom often teased me for my obssession for horses and  threatened me many times that she will get me married to an Ostler ! but nothing stopped me from loving horses or mangoes . My choice had been very selective in both .. Mustangs and Sindhiris … thats it ! 

For my today’s blog, I have decided to stick to horses only.

Horses are considered as the 4th most loved animal in the whole world. The Food and Agricultural Organization FAO estimates that the total horse’s populations as 58,000,000 in 2008 with 33,500,000 in Americas , 13,800,000 in Asia  and 6,300,000 in Europe. The horse is measured in ” hands ” and “inches ” . A hand is about 4 inches . So a horse to be considered as a horse , has to have a minimum height of 14 hands ;otherwise its called a Pony.

Generally , all tall horses are called horses and all short horses despite of their age are called ponies .. well thats a misconception. The best way to describe horses by their age is as under :

1)FOAL : a horse of either sex less than 1 year old . they have two types : Nursing Foals or Suckling foals and Weanling foals. 

2)YEARLING :  a horse of either sex between 1 and 2 years old .

3)COLT: a male horse under the age of 4 .

4) FILLY :  a female horse under the age of 4 years.

5)MARE :  a female horse 4 years old and older .

6) STALLION : a non – castrated male horse , 4 years and older.

7) GELDING :  a castrated male horse of any age.

There is a little difference in these terms in horse racing. In British Aisles, Thorough breds are Colts and fillies less than 5 years old. In Australian Thorough bred racings, colts and fillies are less than 4 years old.

All horses are naturally provided with 4 basic gaits :

a) Four- beat walk :  which averages 4 miles per hour.

b) Two -beat trot or jog: which averages 8.1 to 12 miles per hour.

c) Three beat gait also knowns as Canter lope : averages 12 to 15 miles per hour

d) Gallops :  averages 25 to 30 miles per hour.

Behaviour vice , they have strong fight or flight response. If they are teased they get startled, but they strongly hold their ground especially if their youngs are endangered. They like to live as a herd which is often led by a mare. Horses are known for their agility , speed, alertness and endurance . They can be trained to be domesticated. They like to live with other horses, sticking close together, but can get accustomed to be with human singly , if the human assures to keep him stimulated with regular exercise.

From intelligence and learning point of view ,horses learn by habit. IF you want to teach them something,repeat the same routine and technique over and over again , with consistency. Horses are also classified by their temperaments i.e. Hot blooded, cold blooded and Warm blooded . Yes they are mammals but hot blooded doesnt refer to being the opposite of cold blooded like rest of animal kingdom. By Hot blooded, it means that the horse is more sensitive and Energy. Examples of these types are usually Race horses . Domesticated horses or draft horses are usually cold blooded because they are quiter and calmer. Whereas warm blooded is a cross between hot blooded and cold blooded breeds.

Hot blooded are sometimes called as”light horses” and the breed includes “Oriental horses” like Akhal-Teke , Arabian horse, Barb and now extinct Turkoman horse as well as Thorough breds.They are thin skinned, slim and have long-legged. Their spirits are high and are quick learners.These breeds were brought to Europe from Middle East and North Africa.

Cold blooded are muscular and heavy draft horses.They are strong, calm and have the temperament to pull carriages full of people and heavy logs.Well known draft breeds are Belgian and Clydesdale.They also include some pony breeds.

Warm blooded are riding horses more refined than a draft horse but greater size, and lighter temprament than a lighter breed.Such as Trakehner and Hanoverian .Now adays , the warm blooded horses group participates in Show jumping and Dressage competitions.Examples include Irish Draught and Cleveland Bay.

Horses require to sleep from about a couple of minutes to several hours in a 24 hr day. They can sleep while standing but do require to sit and have a quick doze off or their efficiency would be affected.To be precise , they spent about 4 to 15 hours a day in standing and from a few minutes to several hours in lying down. A horse alone in a stable may not sleep well as its his instinct to stay alert hence they sleep well , when in herd.

Over centuries, horses have helped human race in many ways. We use horses in equestrian sports, to carry heavy loads, to fight shoulder by shoulder in wars and also in creating certain drugs and musical instruments. For certain psychological disorders, the therapists are seeking the help from the horses to treat their patients. Horses are part of the culture of many civilizations and still today , we celebrate many cultural events by ornamenting them.

If you own a horse or ever planning to in future , like myself , you need to provide regular hoof care, dental visits and vaccinations but above all they need your love and attention the most.