The Noble Curtain Controversy….


I was astonished to find out that the very word Hijab originated from Arabian roots and it literally means ” curtain ”. It stirred a cascade of thoughts in my ever so vibrant mind 🙂



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First, let me tell you my journey of starting hijab. My family has always been a strictly practicing Muslim. While growing up, I had educated, professional and modest women all around me in the form of my mother, grandmother, and aunts. Still, I didn’t do hijab.I felt awkward covering my head in public and on occasions other than religious ceremonies or prayers. I strongly believed that hijab lies in your eyes and clothing doesn’t matter. Growing up, even in a Muslim country, I feared to be segregated from the mainstream. I feared; I feared; I feared!

Moved to London and again putting on hijab saw rock bottoms of my life priorities. Acceptance in a new country and to establish myself became top prepossession. In the busy lifestyle, juggling three jobs at a time, saying daily prayers were like a huge struggle but I somehow managed it. Hiding a prayer mat and a prayer scarf, carrying another scarf in my tote bag for other places were just a few of my efforts.

When you work day and night within a multicultural environment and wrangle to blend in, sometimes, if you are like me, your principles and philosophy question your demeanor. It was at this point my search for my true distinctiveness began. I started looking more into religion studying myself and applying it in my daily life coupled with random Islamic lectures on TV. My life changed inside out!

The biggest thing that happened with me was the revival of my trust in this religion Islam. The echoes of people saying we should do Ijtihad for certain things vaporized.Even with very limited knowledge, my heart still made strong connections. I began trusting that Islamic teachings are most precise, workable and protagonist.The more positively I thought about it, more benefits I discovered. Studying about your religion is elan vital for your being.


Hijab has been around for centuries and is not limited to Islamic origin. It’s essentially, a piece of cloth covering your head for protection from obnoxious weather conditions and at other occasions, as a symbol of nobility, fashion, and religious significance.Hence hijab or headscarf is not merely confined to the pillars of Islam.Headscarves are observed in countries following  Orthodox Catholic Church, Sikhism, Judaism, Roman Catholics, Lutheranism, Methodists and reformed churches.




Elizabeth II wearing a headscarf with Ronald Reagan, 1982.


But I tend to go very basic. My humble observation says that nature has created a protective cover over every soft and delicate creation. Look at the fruits, Most soft and fleshy fruits have a skin or peel over them. Removing the peel and exposing the inner soft part wreak havoc upon the structure, appearance and sometimes taste. It’s one of the beautiful laws of nature and tends to our very organic needs……………..



16th century wimple, worn by a widowed queen Anna of Poland, with veil and a ruff around the neck.










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