Contemporary Education For Hoi Polloi….



A lake within Epping Forest, London.



When our eldest was born, we decided to give him better than what we had. Like every parent, we vowed to give him the best of the best. We defined our objectives and marked our priorities, for him as well as for us as parents.We dreamt a world where the main objective for our son would be to serve the Lord and His mankind through his actions and words.We wanted him to reach the depths of knowledge, but all his acquisition and inquests should revolve around the purpose of serving Allah SWT….. We decided that we would never motivate him to choose a particular career, however, we would rather, motivate him to acquire a 360-degree knowledge of religion and how the world connects to it.

It’s not to disparage professions or modern education system, we just wanted him to be an astute, insightful, au fait human who is close to nature. And in this pursuit, we came across the idea of homeschooling.

Homeschooling has been around for centuries and has produced some of the greatest persons in the history*. Despite all its positives, we still started off with traditional schooling due to peer pressure mainly and because of the fear unknown, secondarily. Soon it became obvious, that traditional schooling system is not for us.



… the freedom to arrange your own visits at your own convenience and as per child’s interest. (Picture of Al Tamimi Stables, UAE)


The globalization of mankind has risen to many complexities. Where it promises few perks for roaming nationalities, it also gives rise to subtle discordance at the cellular level. Hence, in UAE too,  there has been an increase of interest among families opting for homeschooling.** There are specific laws for Emirati families however, there is no current legislation for expats with regards to homeschooling. There are a number of active homeschooling organizations, which offer a place for kids to socialize and prosper through field trips and competitions as well as support and guidance to families and parents.

It’s a very blissful yet exhaustive feeling for being a teacher AND a parent simultaneously. Coupled with group social activities, this a well-rounded approach to nurture your child in a happy, safe, child-led, natural way…

Our journey to homeschooling has just begun ……May Allah SWT be with us!




Ample time to learn chores….



Having more time for imagination and creativity all while learning through play…


Learning never ceases & becomes a life long passion…





2 thoughts on “Contemporary Education For Hoi Polloi….

  1. With parents as smart and educated as you and Wajih, the boys will excel through homeschooling, insha’Allah. Your eldest is already a very confident young boy, masha’Allah. Good luck!


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