The Duck Lake Tour….


My eldest running around with his daddy and his uncle  aka long mamu jan


Simultaneous moon rise behind Jebel Hafeet that I incidentally caught…. View of the lake’s wooden gates.


Mirror – Mirror


The little lake inside the resort


Winter season is usually very cold in Al Ain as compared to Dubai or Abu Dhabi main city. Mornings and evenings turn extremely dreamy with beautiful pink, gold, orange hues in the sky. It is the ideal time to camp around and do all outdoor activities which are a bit of challenge in sweltering heat.

Surrounded by graceful  Jebel Hafeet and located just off Hazza bin Sultan street, this lovely little lake is found inside OnetoOne Resort, Ain al Faida, Al Ain. In the January of last year, my bro happened to visit us and we were determined to make use of little sunlight left once Wajih returns from office and find some local attractions.

We have two rules for the outing… Rule 1: we search and discuss locations to visit on google maps or car’s GPS and Rule 2: we decide it at the steering wheel, where to go, all while being seated inside the car. It’s wild and irresponsible but also how we love it. There have been few times where we headed off for a day trip and ended up spending a week across the borders 🙂 Fun, adventurous and unpredictable!

So on this occasion too, the plan was sudden yet the trip was short. As I was fiddling with the car’s navigation for local attractions, I stumbled across ”Duck Lake”. Checked the distance and it was hardly 20 km, hence the decision was made. I pressed the screen to select it and off we went!

We were clearly following the navigations directions and soon we found ourselves at the main gates of OnetoOne resort. Since in the haste that we display each time, there was no time to check what exactly to expect there. We double checked the location, the GPS was still pointing us to go further down the resort. Nobody stopped us or asked us where we were heading. After passing the pools, park, boating area, residential blocks and small Baqala, we finally reached to a very private decked area reserved for exclusive parties. And this is where our navigation said its famous phrase” You have reached your destination.”

The lake is surrounded by delightful details. And of course few ducks too.The wooden work on lake entrance site, around, on the deck and the bridge all added up to create a charming overall environment.The weather turned a bit nippy as the setting sun darkened and to our surprise, there was a beautiful moonrise at the same time. As its famously said in photography, that often your best shots are found at your 360-degree point, I was blown away to find a rising full moon as if I hit the jackpot! It was indeed a lucky day for us because we were able to explore the whole resort without anyone bothered. Our subsequent visit failed to provide this privilege. The gates to the duck lake were locked on our second visit and we were told its only reserved for private tours……that we unintentionally had already. 🙂



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