Maldives…. Heavenly escape !


One of the exclusive beaches….IMG_5957


The wooden deck connecting the chalets to the main island…



Along with mods and cons, island offered beautiful late night walks and Balinese massage was divine. 013


Another deck from our exclusive afternoon snacking area….012


A general access lagoon for snorkeling, kayaking, and motorsports. 011


Craziest skies from the terrace of our chalet. 008


View of lagoon meeting the ocean ….015

December of 2015 was very special… husband decided to arrange a surprise trip. Yes, unlike many, I love surprises!

I had no clue at all that we are going away on an international vacation. I was totally kept  in darkness about it and was only asked what do I fancy for a short vacation. My mind instantly said let’s hire a yacht in Dubai, or go skydiving or maybe go on a balloon ride.As we were discussing the possibilities, I was fearing my wish list would be too extravagant, wild and swanky and most definitely, embarrassing so I told him to decide himself with an accompanying You- know- Me gesture.

A few hours later, Wajih came home early and very blandly asked I have a surprise for you can you guess where we are going? As much as I like surprises, I also hate the guessing game. Acknowledging my thoughts, he said start packing we are leaving tonight for Maldives! I was floored … literally. The joy was immense and shocking. I didn’t think it was needed that I would ask where? how? coz  I already left all this on him to figure. Now my job was to pack under two hours and leave for the airport. Packed quickly and soon we were in the taxi heading to catch a plane. Suddenly, my husband asked the taxi driver if he could stop by at the Mall so we could do a quick last minute shopping? I smiled in my heart. Who stops at the mall for a shopping when he is running late for departure? But since at the time of my wedding, I had accepted the fact that life with this man is going to be a roller coaster ride, so I was fine with it. The taxi driver was happy as his meter would still be charging while we would be at the mall. So we stopped at the Mirdiff City Centre and had a detailed inspection of watersports equipment in one of its sports shops. We bought upgraded scuba gear and random items for the kid and other stuff. After spending more than an hour we left the shop and decided to have a quick lunch as we were starving and the flight was at about 10pm in the night.

The best thing about such events is that I remain unpanicked though I can easily get stressed while Wajih would stay calm even if the world meets an apocalypse. He works best under pressure. It was a long connected flight via Doha, where we met an 8-hour long stay over, he had already booked an Air BnB at Doha airport. Which was such a huge relief as I was expecting our second one and our first born was already tired. It did well to us and after relaxing we had another 5-hour long flight to Male’.

Male’ Airport was a bit of a disappointment. The cloudy skies were distracting and driving us berserk. As soon as we stepped out of the airport vicinity we could see the sea right across the road! I was like whats next? Wajih said we shall be fetched by the resort team. Somebody from Cinnamon resorts quickly found us and here I found another surprise. We were being picked up in a speedboat! another dream come true. Our son was ecstatic! The weather was beautiful and the sea was rough as it was monsoon season there. We were smiling ear to ear.

The speedboat ride lasted for 20 minutes and ended at our resort, Cinnamon Dhonvelli. Needless to say, the first class hospitality displayed by the staff. Our chalet was among the most private ones with our own terrace facing the sea. I cannot forget the starry nights we spent there lazying on the couches and counting shooting stars. It was out of this world experience. The whole resort, friendly and helpful staff, the services, the comfort, I wish it for everyone to experience. If you are a millionaire, I am sure you would never want to come back. A week’s long stay ended in a jiffy and our son was all in tears to leave that place. He thought we have actually moved there 🙂

As we are approaching almost two years now, I often thought about writing the post about it but failed. Hopefully, we would visit there soon but this time I want a private jet  to pick us up from airport. Just Kidding !

The land built of Atolls , surrounded by most diverse marine life & equally blessed with a crazily beautiful sky.

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2 thoughts on “Maldives…. Heavenly escape !

  1. How incredibly romantic to be swept away on a surprise international trip! Mash’Allah. Seemed like you had a incredible and memorable time in Maldives. The photos are so beautiful!


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