Enroute to Dibba ….

Enroute to dibba with masafi mountains in the view ….



Dibba Beach ….



Fisherman waiting for a last catch of the day ….




         UAE has given us numerous experiences…. moments to laugh and cry, feeling welcomed and yet isolated, intrepid yet prudent . It’s a place where the magic of it’s golden sand can push your limits of everything and anything , anywhere. What a place to be !

Among many of the blessings that we enjoy here, long days of sunshine are something nobody can miss. Remember my formative years in Karachi, where hot & humid sunny days felt so draining .. May be it was just a moment in time, as time is a relative thing and depends largely as how we perceive it . Shining sun which looks very smily now , was a torturous, ferocious, uncanny foe who was doing nothing much than frying us on our way to school, college and university. When we siblings started visiting London initially for holidays back in 2000s , cloudy grey skies were delirious ! We would go for long , unhurried walks, exploring the vicinities and figuring out how to reach back home…Fast forward, Al Ain, the sun shines with all its glory for good 11-12 hours ! too much of everything is boring and so now we are bored with clear blue skies and buckets of sunshine every day .

Also being surrounded by a desert, we cherish every single drop of water in our natural surroundings. We have learnt to cherish rain, lakes, beaches, ponds, even puddles and the aquarium in our house 🙂

Since in Al Ain we are surrounded by tall and handsome , somewhat reddish colored sand dunes, often the natural, instinctive and primitive urge for a change of scenery emanates from the deepest cringes of our soul . Hence we drive for 2, 3, 4 sometimes 5 hours in scorching sun with irritated and exhausted kids only to wet our feet under setting sun. If we are lucky we get , 20 minutes to 45 minutes to spend in naturally lit waters. We are still grateful for this… After all , we are humans and change is what our hearts desire….



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