Camping in Mussandam Khasab, Oman

Spending the night under a starry sky has always been one of the standards of romance. Here in UAE though there are many desginated camping sites according to an individual preference but we opted to go a little bit further. We opted for Mussandam as our first ever experience to spend the night under starry sky.. Here is the view of the Bassa Beach in Khasab just when the sun was about to rise…


The route to this camping site from Oman post is full of adventure and breath taking beauty. Its a 65 km long Khasab Coastal road with plenty of jaw dropping , heart throbbing bends both in ascending and descending manners that is certainly there to give you one of the best driving experiences provided that you are satisfied on the performance of your vehicle and your own driving skills.

When we reached Oman border post it was past supper .. I drove on that road and all i could see was mountain ranges on my right hand and pitch black darkness on the left with numerous boards of land sliding at every few meters. At that time I was only enjoying with my steering control skills. But then in the morning , we decided to drive back and we were utterly astonished to see the beautiful coast line with  blue sea, white beaches , small , medium and large vessels .Believe you me ,  we loved it so much that we drove thrice on the road alone ! only this time my husband was behind the wheels as i was enjoying my other interest i.e capturing the beauty. I could only make a video with my phone as it was not possible to take pictures on a sharply twisting roads however i did whenever i can and the pictures are shared below .

Children’s playing area at Bassa Beach.


The residence of local fishermen




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