Camping at Al Aqah Beach , Fujairah .


After our first camping experience at Bassa Beach , Oman as mentioned in my previous blog , we decided to give it a go again .This time we opted for Fujairah , a location within UAE.  We are those people whose idea of vacation is finding solitude but now with the added responsibility of our toddler , I make sure that we remain within safe limits which at this time came with a cost . We had to compromise on the location which was a crowded one as per our standards.


Fujairah is one the big tourist attracting places in UAE with numerous chains of hotels and resorts which has made practically near to impossible for campers in search of a quite night. There is a single camping site for families and for the bachelors. The family was massively over crowded with large tents . At first i thought that there were some wedding going on at the beach side by looking at the generators, fancy lights and decorations. Secondly , it was over littered. The municipality has provided litter bins at various locations but still the litter was floating around everywhere. We immediately decided that this place was too unhygienic and noisy for us .

We then searched the area around and found another camping site near Le Meridian Resorts known as Al Aqah Beach . This beach was for bachelors but there were few families as well . It was much cleaner and the camps were a little bit further from each other that everyone can enjoy their privacy.  The practical , campers looking camps also generated an atmosphere of a proper camping site. So we parked our car , took out our luggage and nailed the burners .

I used  long exposure time to minimize too many city lights and to create a flow:

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Night sky was beautiful and when we turned our backs to the city behind and just looked at the sea , it was the same feeling of solitude.

Day and night views with our chairs : I am sure we all can guess which one belongs to whom 🙂

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Unlike Bassa Beach, the night that we spent here was mostly spent awake. Yes, we could not sleep a single second as there were Quad bikers invading us from everywhere . My son got very scared and started crying because of continuous  rumbling of the engines and they were too rude to drive past our camp barely inches away. My husband first asked them politely . Telling them to kindly drive away from the camp in the long stretch of sand behind but despite of that , the teasing increased. Too scared of all that, I dialed police for help. I still regret why I phoned them. First of all, there were atleast four people who switched the phone from one another to ask in detail what happened and then said ” No English ”. The last one was smart enough to say ” Come here ”.

At that moment, with a crying child, frustrated husband and my own thumping heart, I really felt helpless and angry. I got my first lesson of unfair treatment by the police here . Fujairah police does not understand english and wasted half an hour of my call just to tell me ” No English ” ?? I wonder what the western expats do here in case of emergency . Its not my fault that i dont speak Arabic but i cannot understand how the police can help anyone who doesnt speak Arabic ? is this fair policy ?




Anyhow ,we waited till dawn . My plan was to take some shots of the starry sky but because of the bikers who were hiding their faces , i was unable to even stand outside our camp . So on my husband’s instructions i chose to stay in as there was a possibility that my action would have attracted more of their unwanted attraction.


However, when the sun rose, we forgave every one and everything . We enjoyed the sun, sand and sea and later went for sight seeing . I guess , we may not want to camp there again .


Camping in Mussandam Khasab, Oman

Spending the night under a starry sky has always been one of the standards of romance. Here in UAE though there are many desginated camping sites according to an individual preference but we opted to go a little bit further. We opted for Mussandam as our first ever experience to spend the night under starry sky.. Here is the view of the Bassa Beach in Khasab just when the sun was about to rise…


The route to this camping site from Oman post is full of adventure and breath taking beauty. Its a 65 km long Khasab Coastal road with plenty of jaw dropping , heart throbbing bends both in ascending and descending manners that is certainly there to give you one of the best driving experiences provided that you are satisfied on the performance of your vehicle and your own driving skills.

When we reached Oman border post it was past supper .. I drove on that road and all i could see was mountain ranges on my right hand and pitch black darkness on the left with numerous boards of land sliding at every few meters. At that time I was only enjoying with my steering control skills. But then in the morning , we decided to drive back and we were utterly astonished to see the beautiful coast line with  blue sea, white beaches , small , medium and large vessels .Believe you me ,  we loved it so much that we drove thrice on the road alone ! only this time my husband was behind the wheels as i was enjoying my other interest i.e capturing the beauty. I could only make a video with my phone as it was not possible to take pictures on a sharply twisting roads however i did whenever i can and the pictures are shared below .

Children’s playing area at Bassa Beach.


The residence of local fishermen




Changing trends…



I use Face Book very frequently. There is nothing special about it as every one of us usually do this besides twitter, whatsapp , viber e.t.c. Its a life away from life. its a solution to our loneliness, despair and frustrations. its a point of exchange of ideas, products, knowledge and everything you know and everything you are ! 

We as humans often fail to realize what we are giving back to the world. Each of us is so occupied in completing his daily cycle of work, sleep, eat , kids , studies that the element of inner soul , soulful life has gone out of window. And in all that chaos, many of us lost themselves. Lost being humans; lost being closer to earth; lost to breathe ; lost to harmonize . Then suddenly, one day , something shake your senses and you realize that its too late . I was shaken again when I noticed something couple of days back on Face book . It was the language used by our teenagers in their daily language . I was appalled by a conversation that you get access to read on your friend’s comments window . the language was abusive , foul and disrespectful. The pictures of ” friends ” and ” classmates” were objectionable. 

I recalled my times when I was myself a student. Went to co-ed school and then to university and then worked with of course males colleagues. NEVER and i repeat NEVER in my whole life I have ever used or seen any such behavior in any institution or private life. I cannot recall a single of my acquaintances having such issues . Then why young adults  in the age group of 15 – 25 years have this habit ? 

Who to blame here ? Bollywood culture ? Hollywood culture ? I think NONE of them ! In my opinion its our own homes that are producing such masses of adults who have lost all ethics in trying to be ” Normal ” . We as parents are solely responsible for raising such bizarre minds and soul. Its a social storm and bigger and more devastating than any natural calamity. We are loosing our young generation. We are producing such individuals who may be far more smarter than us but they lack soul, insight and morals. When i look at the pictures of friends hanging out together In Pakistan , i cannot recognize if we they are Muslims or not. Change of appearances have changed the minds.People like me who cannot help but to point out about such moral and social derogations are asked not to interfere in ” friends and friendship matters” .








Our own society is going through a time when its hard to make ends meet by the parents and their only focus of life is live through the day . In such circumstances, family life, family time to teach children ways of spending life doesnt happen. But this is no excuse. Our children are our biggest test from Allah SWT. Whatever good or bad they do , we as parents are mainly  responsible for it as they learnt it from us  what they watched us doing and what they watched us allowing them to do .

It is understood from verses 33-37 of the Chapter Al-i-Imran and verse 28 of Chapter  Maryam that man’s development and perfection depend upon the following four factors. 
1. A believing father 
2. A believing mother 
3. A good and sympathetic teacher 
4. Lawfully obtained food.

So where do we stand here ? Alhumdulillah and May Allah SWT bless my parents for this that they first set the examples themselves for true believers, My earliest childhood memories were of my parents discussions on Islam and its practice in our daily lives. They did it while doing their daily chores and just like a routine conversation.Then they both worked immensely hard to make sure that each bite that goes into our mouth was halal food obtained from halal resources and kept repeating even till date the hadith that one haram bite ruins everything. I qoute a Hadith here :

On the authority of Abu ‘Abdullah al-Nu’man bin Bashir (ra) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah(sas) say:

“The halal is clear and the haram is clear, and between them are matters unclear that are unknown to most people. Whoever is wary of these unclear matters has absolved his religion and honor. And whoever indulges in them has indulged in the haram. It is like a shepherd who herds his sheep too close to preserved sanctuary, and they will eventually graze in it. Every king has a sanctuary, and the sanctuary of Allah is what He has made haram. There lies within the body a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the whole body is sound; and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Verily this piece is the heart.”

[Bukhari & Muslim]


The Prophet says in another hadith,

”A person’s iman will not be upright until their heart is upright and strong. The heart will not be upright and strong until the tongue is upright and strong.”


Then they chose to send us siblings in such a school whose motto was to make you a good Muslim first then a good citizen. There were hundreds of kids in the school but we were one of the most respected and loved students of our teachers because our parents and our teachers were always on the same page. Standing together at every step of our character building. Now i truely understand why my parents put the whole world aside for us . why they limited their own social gatherings and means of relaxation as they would interfere with our studies schedule. Why our school projects , competitions , every minor and major class test was their only life outside their own work. Now i know it . Now i see the difference. I am so so very much grateful to them to cross every boundary to save us from harsh society and to sculpture our personalities in such a different way. May Allah SWT bless both of them and give them a healthy and happy long life together ameen … sumameen .. And this is I believe the solution to the problem of rude behavior and abusive language in our generation.. Iman in our hearts can only be transferred to our children by means of Halal way of life .