The Lamp Post

IMG_0115_edited-1 this is basically the smoking area but i love the hutsIMG_0207_edited-1IMG_0149_edited-2

It was a lazy weekend in the mid of the month when we decided that perhaps we should have some fun with the camera around our residence premises. At about 4 o’ clock in the afternoon , we set off for a stroll in the weather which is considered as pleasant by the local Emiratis though for us , it  was still hot and humid.

Having nothing else on our minds but just to collect memorabilia of Tawam Residence ,  I took more than 200 pictures of every nook and corner we could walk up to. Here it is important to mention that still we were unable to cover the whole hospital as it was the only short time between Asar and Maghrib prayers and it takes time to see, think and compose a shot (hehehehe) . When we reached back home and I  started editing and uploading the pictures to share with family , there was a sudden realization to me . I noticed that most of the pictures had a lamp Post visible in it . What? A Lamp Post ?  Does that mean I have a natural love for Lamp Post ? Oh I don’t think so . But I guess its mainly because we spent a good amount of time of our lives in London and Lamp Posts are a very prominent part of European Architecture. Nevertheless, I never took any notice of lamp Posts back in London where they were present  in ample amounts on various places and in their full glory.Whether it was Piccadilly Circus or a Government office in  East London , the Brits knows very well how to inculcate the seeds of their culture and history in everyone slowly yet effectively.

Anyways, whatever may be the reason, it is quite evident that I am in love with Lamp Post these days.. Whether its short lived or a long term , only time can tell .

Till then , Cheers !