It’s all in You !

Politics was never my favourite subject. I never studied politics , never took a degree in it and never wanted to come any near to it . there are alot of reasons for it . My mom has read this subject long back during her college days and according to her its very interesting .She says you can change the destiny of your country by that . you can have a soveriegn state where people and rulers fear God alike and the rulers work for the betterment of their country and countrymen. people can live with peace, good standard of living and security . these are the basic things that my mom says you can learn from studying politics. 

I returned home after spending 6 years in London.I had the chance of living and interacting in both posh as well as slum areas. I have felt the insecurities there as well . I have seen kids beating each other brutally with broken glass right in the middle of a street and nobody dared to stop them. I have seen girls prostitutes as young as 12 year old in school uniforms asking for ”business” late at night. I have seen browns being scared of whites , whites scared of black . I have also seen the transformation of people general civic sense . From queuing up and giving priority to elderly, disabled, pregnant women or just being a woman to harrassment and pushing while riding on a bus and getting off. I have also seen whites looking best and showing the most French ettiquettes in dinners and parties making you think world has got all good and bad. 

The reasons for leaving UK were different and many others. But when i look back in my own  democratic country , things havent changed! inflation is high, CNG gone missing in patches , news channel showing angry anchorperson and invitees messing with each other in their so called discussion and the politicians still doing the same … i.e. their Politics. 

People die every day . the only difference is that of class . yes we do have strict class difference. so much so that sometimes i wonder if we have now started to convert to Hinduism . you are half dead already if you belong to a lower class with no ”back” . you do have to search for hours to be sure if the food you are trying to buy in a super market is healthy . you dont really know if the medicines or imported milk that your child relies on would be available next month or not . I wouldnt go much in detail as i know that my readers would have understood by now what i am talking about. What i am most confused and sad at is when i see the public running after anyone who uses the word ”Change” in politics. I dont know about politics as i have cleared earlier, but I dont see the change is going to bring any good news for this nation. what we do need is ”improvement”  . We need to improve as a human first, then as a Pakistani and then improve as per our religion and sect.  No religion teaches injustice. No religion teaches hatred. No religion teaches killing of innocent people. If the class system has sadly demarcated common people from political leaders then these common people are much higher in number than the political leaders. if they start supporting each other just like political leaders , I am sure one day we would get rid of all these black sheep and live in peace and harmony. Pakistan is beautiful, its people are beautiful and  loving , its full of natural resources like oil, gas and minerals, it is an agriculturally rich country , its customs are exemplary .. When everything is good about this country then Why we are sad as a nation ??