Paint me !

Are you joking? you cant be serious ! you are saying you dont know who is the most sought after designer today ? Which is the most “in” place for youth nowadays? Is it long shirt or short ? Hair straight and long or short and trendy? does these sound familiar ?

It seems like half of our lives revolve around what is ” IN ” these days and what is “out” . It would be the most embarrassing thing if someone finds you out-moded. Utterly disgusting ! Distastefull! are the comments you fear to receive if incase you are not up-to-date. Our fashion trends are thought to originate from London and Milan .Do you know that UK fashion industry alone worth nearly  21 million GBP in 2012 ???? the Global fashion industry is now generationg trillions of dollars a year. In our beloved country, the retail and whole sale sectors worth $40billion in 2012 and still growing at a rate of 5.3% a year … WOW

A country like Pakistan , where per capita income has marginally increased by 0.2% that is for the population of 178.91 million , the income has risen from $1,254 in 2010-11 to $1,256 .This doesn’t show the variations in small and large families, their standard of living , food and clothing , transportation, utility bills etc.  Its just mind blowing to see how still our nation can strive to spend so much on fashion .

whether its a wedding, birthday or any occassion , those who can spend , spend crazily. we as nation never fail to show off what we “can ”  buy for our loved ones. Its our tradition of expressing our sentiments to anyone .. i.e. through money.

My dilemna doesnt end of that. there is something else as well that annoys me. it is the changing trends and customs of families with time by the influence of media , fashion and the competition to have the highest standard of living in our social circle. I have observed very commonly that elders differ from the youth in both good and bad ways. there are certain customs that have been added by the influence of foreign culture both Indian and Western ; and certain deleted coz they were out dated or considered as a burden.

i would not go into details as they are understandable differences. I am just worried that when our kids would grow up , how much confused they would be ? I am afraid that a time will come that my son would turn back and tell me that ” mom , who does it now ? ” and ” grow out of it” because he would see the same changes around him .

I dont have any hard feelings for the fashion industry to be growing so well or the increase in the per capita income of  Pakistan, I am only worried that these subtle changes in our attitudes , in our lives, in our surroundings would change us as humans, as Muslims , as Pakistanis. These changes would paint me differently; paint our traditions differently and eventually paint a new whole new canvas which would be totally alien to everyone…..

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