Our Mathematics !

“Rrreoowwww” the sound was loud and continuous. It was quickly discovered, that was coming from our kitchenette. My husband grabbed our son and rushed to the alleyway where the kitchenette is located and there were two bright-eyed, bushy-tailed cats were roaring at each other. It was quickly concluded that they were fighting over that little shelter formed between the grill covering the top of our alleyway and the metal sheet. 

No wonder it was understandable that the weather in Karachi has turned bit chilly and animals do feel the difference in temperatures. Important thing to note is the fight to capture the cozy place and snuggle through the whole night….Surprisingly; the two cats totally ignored our presence and didn’t move their either eye from the opponent. After sometime, when the noises went down, we went back again to look at the situation. One of the cats had obviously won the battle and now was residing in his new place along with a female guest. 

It all brought a smile on my face… not because of the female guest he had, but on the thought that how Allah has incepted survival skills in all His creatures. The male cat first struggled to obtain the shelter and then standing alert outside; all explain how Allah has balanced the equations of males and females in this entire universe.

Where the role of female is for producing and nurturing, the male is a provider and the guardian for her. This is such a beautiful balance of nature. Not only the roles were defined an inculcated in the genes, the physical constitution of every living being is also on the same note. Females, soft and gentle, with flexible bones and joints reaching their maximum flexibility during giving birth ; Males strong and rigid , to stand by hardships, to protect and provide food and shelter to those he is connected. 

I understood this phenomenon after reaching 30. Before, I always thought that woman can do everything. I wasn’t totally incorrect. Allah has given her such hormones i.e. Estrogen that protects her in times of stress. Hence, females before menopause are less likely to develop Ischemic Heart Diseases. Allah has created us females, gentle enough to be looked after by our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons and yet so strong that in times of need, becomes a shoulder to her male relations.

Subhan Allah for Allah’s farsightedness. No wonder, no human can think of that. Subhan Allah for His blessings to the womankind for making them precious, respected and close-to-the-heart beings. Subhan Allah for creating beautiful relations of husbands and wives, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters. Every relation is pious, every relation is treasurable. 

Then I look around and see my Muslim sisters talking about rights equaling to males. It baffles me, it stabs my heart very deep and it puts my head down in embarrassment. Islam has given us the place, what no constitution can justify. It’s like asking a female to do what is expected from males i.e. protect, provide, along with producing and nurturing… Oh woman why have you bothered yourself so much? You are gentle and fragile and in doing so you will receive nothing but troubles and insults. Every time humans interfere with the balance of nature, with the creativity of Allah or the will of Allah, there is a disaster awaits it. Not because Allah loves to punish and like to see us in misery, but because the calculation goes wrong. Thus the best solution to live in peace and sanctity, to grow and prosper, we need to listen to Allah’s directions. We have to follow the path that Allah has chosen for us and pray really hard to eradicate any hard bearings that we come across in our way.

No wonder Allah is the Best Creator !

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