Education within our Deen …

Sending a child to school is normal ; sending a child to learn Deen first is questionable !  we are worried to find and get our child enrolled to the best montessori but we are not least bit worried about his learnings for religion. We do say that learning religion is very important but why we dont make it the most important and foremost thing in our lives ? We do openly agree to say that yes we are a practising muslim still we dont believe that Islam is the complete religion.

We do say that Islam is the complete religion but we dont understand what we are talking about. When its been said that Islam is a complete religion then why dont we bother to teach our children Islam first than anything else ? There was a time when I was saying 5 times prayers each day but my dressings were western . I did cover my body completely but I failed to hide my figure. I clearly remember at  that time , when my mom used to point to me regarding my dressing, I would confidently say that its all in our niyyat. I had thousands of reasons to satisfy and justify myself.But Allah S.W.T had better plans for me . I embraced life  after ditching death twice and no one but my Allah saved me from many many evil people. I had the worst Pneumonia attack which I survived without anti biotics.The doctors in the hospital of London told me how surprise they were that I managed to be alive .Then what the doctors thought was appendicitis turned out to be Acute Pancreatitis with perforated peptic ulcer , one of the deadliest and most painfull combinations.I survived again.

Allah  is the one who change destinies.  Life is only given once . After that is afterlife . Whatever we are going to do in this world we would reap it afterwards. for all those reasons, me and my husband decided that we would teach our son Deen first and later he could choose which ever field he like .

Islam is easy and difficult both. Its difficult when you try to mix Islam with anything else. Its easy if you simply follow just Deen. As we commonly say , make your life simple why complicate , I would say just lead it as per religion and all complications would be gone. We search blogs after blogs, forums after forums , eHow to Yahoo answers insearch of knowledge, insearch of solutions to our every day problems like husband wife relationships, child raising etcetra . But we never read translations of Quran. We never participate in an online forum for Quran discussion. We just dont have time for it. If only we could incorporate our religion in our daily lives , read atleast one ayah every day with translation and discuss it with our friends and family , we would be able to seek guidance and learn more and more from each other. there is education within our Deen but no Deen in just Education .

May Allah accept our prayers and keep us on the righteous paths. Ameen

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