Cone Icecream…

Everytime I eat a cone icecream , I cannot help myself and wonder , why? just Why do I get so happy when I am having cone? That typical long pointed one from Kabies … Although it now has started giving a slightly bitter taste at the end of each lick but still … its like a celebration within itself. I like to sit and watch something quitely and lick my ice cream , lost in my thoughts. I do not want to be disturbed or distracted during this time. I just want to swing in my imagination and chaotic thoughts arising one after another in my mind. And it has to be a cold winter night .. that would be awesome ! this is how I ”Like” to eat my cone icecream .

Reality is that , if my son is asleep in my arms, i have to hold my cone in a way that it wont dribble on him and wake him up and finish it quickly. If he is awake , like he was this time, it was a like a battle . He was curious but continued his same attitude towards anything edible; taste it for once and then leave it . But the hardest thing for my little munchkin was to sit straight and let mummy swim in her thoughts. He on the other hand wanted to get out of the car and explore every nook and corner of the busy road. We didnt want to take him inside the restaurant coz once we did and he was catching roaches . I nearly cried when I found myself helpless for not being able to justify with my cone icecream.I could see it melting in my hand and my son jumping out of my hand from the other. 

Exactly at that moment , I decided that I wont quit. I will not throw my ice cream out of the window as I was about to do in frustration but instead I decided that I would enjoy both. And I did eventually. I had no other choice. That was the moment when my moments of solitude with my ice cream melted away right before my eyes but I realized that my son is much more  important that anything. 

so for the rest of the time , I was multitasking . I had all of my fond memories of childhood ..  I am sure alot of us do remember Igloo and Polka ice creams. Polka Choc Ice and Polka Panda are the varieties that are hard to forget. But I always enjoyed eating the cone ice cream from the machine.

I still remember when I was 3 years old, Abbu would take me to Fun Land in Clifton. There were set rules . First to buy a pink hat made up of foam material , then to buy a cone ice cream from machine and then to sit in Dodging car with Abbu which was ofcourse driven by abbu. My job was to sit next to him , enjoy my cone , point to the cars and ask my abbu to hit them .

Having writted that , I am missing him so much that I am going to give him a ring straightaway…. bon appetite !

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