A Single Accident…..

“There are no nations! There is only humanity. And if we don’t come to understand
that right soon, there will be no nations, because there will be no humanity.”

Isaac Asimov

Just when I was going through my old favourity book of Quotes , I suddenly hit to this qoute and felt its meaning in the real sense. Couple of days back , me and Zuhairuddin were out with my Anni and her two beautifull daughters. We were returning home after visiting a relative , something happened that was never expected … Anni’s youngest daughter Jaziba was driving the car and we were all chatting about everything under the sun. Zuhairuddin was in Anni Nanni’s lap while me and cousin Maria , eldest of Anni’s  three lovely daughters were on the back seats enjoying the drive. What happened next was not a beautiful sight but reminded me of  many things.


As we reached near the Jama masjid of Yaseen Abad, we saw a mob . Everyone in the mob was giving chaotic directions to the traffic . It was an accident site. We saw two ladies sitting in the middle of the road among all men . One of them was nearly subconcious and the other  one was squeezing her tightly to her chest as was trying to protect her from some danger.

Luckily, Anni’s all three daughters are trained in Paramedics so We immediately decided to pull over and help the victims. Jaziba parked the car in a corner leaving Zuhairuddin and Anni in it while the rest of the three of us rushed to the victims. We steered into the mob and made some breathing space for them . there were more who were injured. Apparantly, two adult ladies and a 12 year old girl were on a bike with their father /wife / brother-in-law when something happened .  Maria handed over tissue papers to clean the girl’s face , which was bleeding. The man was also injured but was able to help. However the lady on the ground looked in a bad shape.


there was very little light and the presence of curious standees blinded us all .. I shouted loudly and asked everyone to move back and let the victim breath. To my surprise , all men moved back. simultaneously I asked them to call ambulance. I forgot my mobile in the car by chance. to my surprise, several people took out their mobiles and started asking what’s the number?  “Dial 1020 or 115 ” I replied , wasnt sure myself about the second number. Somebody dialed and gave the phone to me. I told them the location .Then i freed the subconcious lady from the other and asked them to calm down as she was panicking. I asked the people , please lit your mobile flash lights if you have any to let me see if somebody is bleeding . They did as told . I was surprised again. Since the victim was breathing normally and her circulation was intact , my whole concern was to stabilize her spine. A tall strong looking man came forward and said , move her to corner. I strongly forbad him  and explained everyone in a loud voice that we dont know if she has broken her neck, back or legs so best is to make a boundary wall with all the standing bikes so that traffic can run and wait for ambulance. He did as he was told. I was surprised again. Within 15 minutes of the casualty, there were two ambulances who reached to the site of accident and took the casualties away. I also helped the woman to be put on the stretcher as she was a Muhajjaba ( in Hijab and Jilbab) and i didnt want non mehrams to touch her as far as i can . I also heard someone shouting from behind, “do they have enough money?” but before anyone could answer that, the efficient ambulance service took the whole family to the hospital.


As we reached back to the car, I was speechless and my mind was chaotic. All  of my first aid training for different jobs, my CPR trainings and my horrifying trauma calls in London hospitals rushed through my spine in a flash of seconds . Then, it reminded me that a doctor is a doctor and he or she cannot retire in any part of his life no matter what the circumstances are. I had decided that i cannot bear  trauma sites any longer but i just went through one and it was a success. I was able to control the mob as well as the victims.  it was a personal experience to me but it turned into a national experience.

Everyone stopped to help . Regardless of race, sex, color or political beliefs. They ALL respected humanity. They all gave their share to help. They all listened when somebody gave them instructions . It clearly shows that our nation  still cares, still loves humans as humans , still helps for the sake of humanity , still offers help where they can and in any way they can. So Pakistan is not bad . Pakistanis arent bad. They are the best nation. They didnt wait like in UK , where they wait for the ambulance to arrive itself so that they dont have to be part of Police investigations. Our people still fear God when lives are at stake .

Its been several days since the accident and I didnt write anything. I was just , not able to push these memories and thoughts out of my mind. The more I think about it , the more i hate the corrupt politicians who convince this nation to act wrongly . We only need such an accident , a single accident to clean up all the black sheep in just one sweep . I am a Pakistani and I am proud to be one !


For the love of horses …

It all began when i was young .. very very young… I dont exactly remember when i was introduced to a horse but i do remember horse-riding with very little or none assistance at the tender age of 7. Yes! At 7 I was fully accustomed with the manners of handling an adult horse. The reasons why I was sensitized with a hot blooded horse at a very young age summoned to just one. My parents told me that its in my blood. Having been born as a Taimuri  blue blood , the ladies of our family , were taught horse back riding, archery and sword fighting as a family customs in not so long ago past. Both of my grandmothers were taught these skills when young while it was the times of “palkis” and victorias. Nevertheless, as a teenager and young adult , i was known as the avent lover of mangoes and horses. My mom often teased me for my obssession for horses and  threatened me many times that she will get me married to an Ostler ! but nothing stopped me from loving horses or mangoes . My choice had been very selective in both .. Mustangs and Sindhiris … thats it ! 

For my today’s blog, I have decided to stick to horses only.

Horses are considered as the 4th most loved animal in the whole world. The Food and Agricultural Organization FAO estimates that the total horse’s populations as 58,000,000 in 2008 with 33,500,000 in Americas , 13,800,000 in Asia  and 6,300,000 in Europe. The horse is measured in ” hands ” and “inches ” . A hand is about 4 inches . So a horse to be considered as a horse , has to have a minimum height of 14 hands ;otherwise its called a Pony.

Generally , all tall horses are called horses and all short horses despite of their age are called ponies .. well thats a misconception. The best way to describe horses by their age is as under :

1)FOAL : a horse of either sex less than 1 year old . they have two types : Nursing Foals or Suckling foals and Weanling foals. 

2)YEARLING :  a horse of either sex between 1 and 2 years old .

3)COLT: a male horse under the age of 4 .

4) FILLY :  a female horse under the age of 4 years.

5)MARE :  a female horse 4 years old and older .

6) STALLION : a non – castrated male horse , 4 years and older.

7) GELDING :  a castrated male horse of any age.

There is a little difference in these terms in horse racing. In British Aisles, Thorough breds are Colts and fillies less than 5 years old. In Australian Thorough bred racings, colts and fillies are less than 4 years old.

All horses are naturally provided with 4 basic gaits :

a) Four- beat walk :  which averages 4 miles per hour.

b) Two -beat trot or jog: which averages 8.1 to 12 miles per hour.

c) Three beat gait also knowns as Canter lope : averages 12 to 15 miles per hour

d) Gallops :  averages 25 to 30 miles per hour.

Behaviour vice , they have strong fight or flight response. If they are teased they get startled, but they strongly hold their ground especially if their youngs are endangered. They like to live as a herd which is often led by a mare. Horses are known for their agility , speed, alertness and endurance . They can be trained to be domesticated. They like to live with other horses, sticking close together, but can get accustomed to be with human singly , if the human assures to keep him stimulated with regular exercise.

From intelligence and learning point of view ,horses learn by habit. IF you want to teach them something,repeat the same routine and technique over and over again , with consistency. Horses are also classified by their temperaments i.e. Hot blooded, cold blooded and Warm blooded . Yes they are mammals but hot blooded doesnt refer to being the opposite of cold blooded like rest of animal kingdom. By Hot blooded, it means that the horse is more sensitive and Energy. Examples of these types are usually Race horses . Domesticated horses or draft horses are usually cold blooded because they are quiter and calmer. Whereas warm blooded is a cross between hot blooded and cold blooded breeds.

Hot blooded are sometimes called as”light horses” and the breed includes “Oriental horses” like Akhal-Teke , Arabian horse, Barb and now extinct Turkoman horse as well as Thorough breds.They are thin skinned, slim and have long-legged. Their spirits are high and are quick learners.These breeds were brought to Europe from Middle East and North Africa.

Cold blooded are muscular and heavy draft horses.They are strong, calm and have the temperament to pull carriages full of people and heavy logs.Well known draft breeds are Belgian and Clydesdale.They also include some pony breeds.

Warm blooded are riding horses more refined than a draft horse but greater size, and lighter temprament than a lighter breed.Such as Trakehner and Hanoverian .Now adays , the warm blooded horses group participates in Show jumping and Dressage competitions.Examples include Irish Draught and Cleveland Bay.

Horses require to sleep from about a couple of minutes to several hours in a 24 hr day. They can sleep while standing but do require to sit and have a quick doze off or their efficiency would be affected.To be precise , they spent about 4 to 15 hours a day in standing and from a few minutes to several hours in lying down. A horse alone in a stable may not sleep well as its his instinct to stay alert hence they sleep well , when in herd.

Over centuries, horses have helped human race in many ways. We use horses in equestrian sports, to carry heavy loads, to fight shoulder by shoulder in wars and also in creating certain drugs and musical instruments. For certain psychological disorders, the therapists are seeking the help from the horses to treat their patients. Horses are part of the culture of many civilizations and still today , we celebrate many cultural events by ornamenting them.

If you own a horse or ever planning to in future , like myself , you need to provide regular hoof care, dental visits and vaccinations but above all they need your love and attention the most.

Paint me !

Are you joking? you cant be serious ! you are saying you dont know who is the most sought after designer today ? Which is the most “in” place for youth nowadays? Is it long shirt or short ? Hair straight and long or short and trendy? does these sound familiar ?

It seems like half of our lives revolve around what is ” IN ” these days and what is “out” . It would be the most embarrassing thing if someone finds you out-moded. Utterly disgusting ! Distastefull! are the comments you fear to receive if incase you are not up-to-date. Our fashion trends are thought to originate from London and Milan .Do you know that UK fashion industry alone worth nearly  21 million GBP in 2012 ???? the Global fashion industry is now generationg trillions of dollars a year. In our beloved country, the retail and whole sale sectors worth $40billion in 2012 and still growing at a rate of 5.3% a year … WOW

A country like Pakistan , where per capita income has marginally increased by 0.2% that is for the population of 178.91 million , the income has risen from $1,254 in 2010-11 to $1,256 .This doesn’t show the variations in small and large families, their standard of living , food and clothing , transportation, utility bills etc.  Its just mind blowing to see how still our nation can strive to spend so much on fashion .

whether its a wedding, birthday or any occassion , those who can spend , spend crazily. we as nation never fail to show off what we “can ”  buy for our loved ones. Its our tradition of expressing our sentiments to anyone .. i.e. through money.

My dilemna doesnt end of that. there is something else as well that annoys me. it is the changing trends and customs of families with time by the influence of media , fashion and the competition to have the highest standard of living in our social circle. I have observed very commonly that elders differ from the youth in both good and bad ways. there are certain customs that have been added by the influence of foreign culture both Indian and Western ; and certain deleted coz they were out dated or considered as a burden.

i would not go into details as they are understandable differences. I am just worried that when our kids would grow up , how much confused they would be ? I am afraid that a time will come that my son would turn back and tell me that ” mom , who does it now ? ” and ” grow out of it” because he would see the same changes around him .

I dont have any hard feelings for the fashion industry to be growing so well or the increase in the per capita income of  Pakistan, I am only worried that these subtle changes in our attitudes , in our lives, in our surroundings would change us as humans, as Muslims , as Pakistanis. These changes would paint me differently; paint our traditions differently and eventually paint a new whole new canvas which would be totally alien to everyone…..

Our Mathematics !

“Rrreoowwww” the sound was loud and continuous. It was quickly discovered, that was coming from our kitchenette. My husband grabbed our son and rushed to the alleyway where the kitchenette is located and there were two bright-eyed, bushy-tailed cats were roaring at each other. It was quickly concluded that they were fighting over that little shelter formed between the grill covering the top of our alleyway and the metal sheet. 

No wonder it was understandable that the weather in Karachi has turned bit chilly and animals do feel the difference in temperatures. Important thing to note is the fight to capture the cozy place and snuggle through the whole night….Surprisingly; the two cats totally ignored our presence and didn’t move their either eye from the opponent. After sometime, when the noises went down, we went back again to look at the situation. One of the cats had obviously won the battle and now was residing in his new place along with a female guest. 

It all brought a smile on my face… not because of the female guest he had, but on the thought that how Allah has incepted survival skills in all His creatures. The male cat first struggled to obtain the shelter and then standing alert outside; all explain how Allah has balanced the equations of males and females in this entire universe.

Where the role of female is for producing and nurturing, the male is a provider and the guardian for her. This is such a beautiful balance of nature. Not only the roles were defined an inculcated in the genes, the physical constitution of every living being is also on the same note. Females, soft and gentle, with flexible bones and joints reaching their maximum flexibility during giving birth ; Males strong and rigid , to stand by hardships, to protect and provide food and shelter to those he is connected. 

I understood this phenomenon after reaching 30. Before, I always thought that woman can do everything. I wasn’t totally incorrect. Allah has given her such hormones i.e. Estrogen that protects her in times of stress. Hence, females before menopause are less likely to develop Ischemic Heart Diseases. Allah has created us females, gentle enough to be looked after by our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons and yet so strong that in times of need, becomes a shoulder to her male relations.

Subhan Allah for Allah’s farsightedness. No wonder, no human can think of that. Subhan Allah for His blessings to the womankind for making them precious, respected and close-to-the-heart beings. Subhan Allah for creating beautiful relations of husbands and wives, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters. Every relation is pious, every relation is treasurable. 

Then I look around and see my Muslim sisters talking about rights equaling to males. It baffles me, it stabs my heart very deep and it puts my head down in embarrassment. Islam has given us the place, what no constitution can justify. It’s like asking a female to do what is expected from males i.e. protect, provide, along with producing and nurturing… Oh woman why have you bothered yourself so much? You are gentle and fragile and in doing so you will receive nothing but troubles and insults. Every time humans interfere with the balance of nature, with the creativity of Allah or the will of Allah, there is a disaster awaits it. Not because Allah loves to punish and like to see us in misery, but because the calculation goes wrong. Thus the best solution to live in peace and sanctity, to grow and prosper, we need to listen to Allah’s directions. We have to follow the path that Allah has chosen for us and pray really hard to eradicate any hard bearings that we come across in our way.

No wonder Allah is the Best Creator !

Education within our Deen …

Sending a child to school is normal ; sending a child to learn Deen first is questionable !  we are worried to find and get our child enrolled to the best montessori but we are not least bit worried about his learnings for religion. We do say that learning religion is very important but why we dont make it the most important and foremost thing in our lives ? We do openly agree to say that yes we are a practising muslim still we dont believe that Islam is the complete religion.

We do say that Islam is the complete religion but we dont understand what we are talking about. When its been said that Islam is a complete religion then why dont we bother to teach our children Islam first than anything else ? There was a time when I was saying 5 times prayers each day but my dressings were western . I did cover my body completely but I failed to hide my figure. I clearly remember at  that time , when my mom used to point to me regarding my dressing, I would confidently say that its all in our niyyat. I had thousands of reasons to satisfy and justify myself.But Allah S.W.T had better plans for me . I embraced life  after ditching death twice and no one but my Allah saved me from many many evil people. I had the worst Pneumonia attack which I survived without anti biotics.The doctors in the hospital of London told me how surprise they were that I managed to be alive .Then what the doctors thought was appendicitis turned out to be Acute Pancreatitis with perforated peptic ulcer , one of the deadliest and most painfull combinations.I survived again.

Allah  is the one who change destinies.  Life is only given once . After that is afterlife . Whatever we are going to do in this world we would reap it afterwards. for all those reasons, me and my husband decided that we would teach our son Deen first and later he could choose which ever field he like .

Islam is easy and difficult both. Its difficult when you try to mix Islam with anything else. Its easy if you simply follow just Deen. As we commonly say , make your life simple why complicate , I would say just lead it as per religion and all complications would be gone. We search blogs after blogs, forums after forums , eHow to Yahoo answers insearch of knowledge, insearch of solutions to our every day problems like husband wife relationships, child raising etcetra . But we never read translations of Quran. We never participate in an online forum for Quran discussion. We just dont have time for it. If only we could incorporate our religion in our daily lives , read atleast one ayah every day with translation and discuss it with our friends and family , we would be able to seek guidance and learn more and more from each other. there is education within our Deen but no Deen in just Education .

May Allah accept our prayers and keep us on the righteous paths. Ameen

Cone Icecream…

Everytime I eat a cone icecream , I cannot help myself and wonder , why? just Why do I get so happy when I am having cone? That typical long pointed one from Kabies … Although it now has started giving a slightly bitter taste at the end of each lick but still … its like a celebration within itself. I like to sit and watch something quitely and lick my ice cream , lost in my thoughts. I do not want to be disturbed or distracted during this time. I just want to swing in my imagination and chaotic thoughts arising one after another in my mind. And it has to be a cold winter night .. that would be awesome ! this is how I ”Like” to eat my cone icecream .

Reality is that , if my son is asleep in my arms, i have to hold my cone in a way that it wont dribble on him and wake him up and finish it quickly. If he is awake , like he was this time, it was a like a battle . He was curious but continued his same attitude towards anything edible; taste it for once and then leave it . But the hardest thing for my little munchkin was to sit straight and let mummy swim in her thoughts. He on the other hand wanted to get out of the car and explore every nook and corner of the busy road. We didnt want to take him inside the restaurant coz once we did and he was catching roaches . I nearly cried when I found myself helpless for not being able to justify with my cone icecream.I could see it melting in my hand and my son jumping out of my hand from the other. 

Exactly at that moment , I decided that I wont quit. I will not throw my ice cream out of the window as I was about to do in frustration but instead I decided that I would enjoy both. And I did eventually. I had no other choice. That was the moment when my moments of solitude with my ice cream melted away right before my eyes but I realized that my son is much more  important that anything. 

so for the rest of the time , I was multitasking . I had all of my fond memories of childhood ..  I am sure alot of us do remember Igloo and Polka ice creams. Polka Choc Ice and Polka Panda are the varieties that are hard to forget. But I always enjoyed eating the cone ice cream from the machine.

I still remember when I was 3 years old, Abbu would take me to Fun Land in Clifton. There were set rules . First to buy a pink hat made up of foam material , then to buy a cone ice cream from machine and then to sit in Dodging car with Abbu which was ofcourse driven by abbu. My job was to sit next to him , enjoy my cone , point to the cars and ask my abbu to hit them .

Having writted that , I am missing him so much that I am going to give him a ring straightaway…. bon appetite !